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Welcome to our Society's website

Welcome to the world of irises.

There are members all over New Zealand who enjoy growing all sorts of irises, and some members who enjoy hybridizing.

If you would like to be come a member you can contact Alison by emailing her on and she will put you in touch with a group close to you. You can enjoys friendships, take part in a monthly meeting and learn more about irises.
For some members it is purely social and they grow irises because they enjoy the flowers. If you become a member of the New Zealand Iris Society you can attend such events as Medium and Dwarf iris Safaris, Conventions, Species Treks, and Seminars.
The conventions and Safaris are held North and South Island from 2018..
I have also been looking at bulbs in the garden centres and notice that reticulatas are on sale with Blue Magic and Blue Note seem to be new along with Gordon,  Ailda, Harmony, Pixie and a Fiesta mix. The Dutch Iris have some names I have not seen before, Lion King, Red Amber, Tigers Eye and Mystic Beauty. Some very striking colour combinations.

The family of Mary Richardson are looking for an Intermediate Bearded Iris called Paul and Mary . As far as I know it was not registered and it is a lemon and white plicata and can be seen by googling  Intermediate Iris Paul and Mary. If Mary gave you a piece
of this iris I would like you to get in touch with me  at email
Marilyn Fleming.

Updated March 2017

On this site you will be able to find out about the New Zealand Iris Society, who we are and how to become a member.  You will also find out information on the activities of the Society and the benefits of belonging.
Understanding the genus iris is a major driver for members, much can be learned from reading and from internet research but the best learning comes from interections with other growers and from hands-on experience.  The companionship and sharing of knowledge is high on the agenda for members.  We have very experienced growers and raw beginners amongst our membership.  The annual convention is well worth attending – alternate years – north and south.

The objectives of our Society are – To encourage, improve and extend the study and cultivation of the Genus Iris and to collaborate with Iris Societies in other countries, to regulate the nomenclature classification and registration of irises.  
The Society exsits for the benefit of the members only and not for profit of any individual.

Groups throughout New Zealand contribute to the pages here and many of the group are very active.

To find our way around the website – Pages are listed on the left hand side of the page.  A click will open the page you require.

Updated August 2015