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2014 Registrations

ALL EYES ON ME (G. E Simmons, R. 2014) TB, 35-40” (89-101cm), M. S. deep cream in centre blending to lighter cream, apricot at base; style-arms apricot; F. same as standards, apricot at hafts; beards red. ‘Impulsive’ X ‘Santa’.


ARTIST DAUGHTER (Shirley Spicer, R. 2014) Sdlg. SS02. TB, 38” (96cm), E-M. S. medium blue-purple, infused dark lilac blending to paler in centre, dark lilac midrib; style-arms blue-purple tipped deeper, white in throat; F. medium blue-purple, infused dark lilac with deeper lilac veining, small white area around beard; beards blue. ‘High Standards’ X ‘Lilac Mist’.

BRISTLE (David Nicoll, R. 2014) Sdlg. D062G-1, 31.5” (80cm), E. S. moderate purple-red (RHS 185C); style-arms moderate purple-brown, medium yellow sides; F. dark red (187A); beards red; slight spicy fragrance. Parentage unknown.

EVEN BETTER (David Nicoll, R. 2014) Sdlg. D08T9-4. TB, 35.5” (90cm), M. S. light yellow-pink (RHS 27B); style-arms light lilac-pink; F. strong red-purple (72B) with lighter striations, speckled upper falls, broad fluting; beards red. ‘Tectonic’ X ‘Screen Play’.

FLOOZIE (Alison Nicoll, R. 2014) Sdlg. A08T11-1. TB, 30” (76cm), L. S. pale yellow (RHS 158A); style-arms yellow, purple centre lines; F. strong purple-red (72A) lightening towards edge, cream with red veining on both sides of beards; beards hairs based white, tips tangerine, large purple-red flounces, distinct small white ‘v’ under each flounce; slight sweet fragrance. A05T14-4: (‘Pastel Print’ x ‘Doctor Wil’) X ‘It’s Delicious’.

FOR PATRICK (Maggie Asplet, R. 2014) Sdlg. 09/33R. SDB, 10” (25cm), M. S. cream-green, fine green veins deep inside; style-arms cream; F. green with yellow overlay, darker green veins around beards; beards white, tips orange; slight fragrance. Parentage unknown.

MAXENE SUSAN (Alison Nicoll, R. 2014). Sdlg. A08DT1-1. TB, 30” (76cm), L. S. deep purple (RHS 79C); style-arms moderate purple (82C); F. vivid purple (82A), moderate purple-red (58A) band, light blue on either side of beards; beards dull gold in throat and middle, blue end; broad and laced; pronounced sweet fragrance. A04T5-5: (LLFBKK99-13: (‘Lotus Land’ x ‘Fogbound’) x D01T60: (‘Visual Arts’ x ‘Sultan’s Daughter’)) X ‘Decadence’.

NEON BEAM (Alison Nicoll, R. 2014) Sdlg. A06T17-2. TB, 28” (71cm), L. S. brilliant green-yellow (RHS 3A). F. dark red (187A); beards orange, dark red upright spoons; pronounced sweet fragrance. (‘Doctor Wil’ X ‘Let’s Boogie’).

NIXON’S ONE (Maggie Asplet, R. 2014). Sdlg. 09/18A. SDB, 15.5” (40cm), M. S. blue-mauve, darker inside at base; style-arms cream, blue-mauve midrib; F. blue-mauve, red-purple blaze at beard, veins under beard; beards white, tips orange. ‘Karin Olding’ X unknown.

RICHMOND RUBY (Alison Nicoll, R. 2014) Sdlg. A07TH7-1. IB, 14” (37 cm), L. S. and style-arms deep red (RHS 53A). F. same, hafts yellow with red veins; beards based lemon, tips ginger; slight sweet fragrance. ‘Jungle Gem’ X D05T15-1: (‘Tectonic’ X ‘Brickworks’).

ROTOITI (Alison Nicoll, R. 2014) Sdlg. A08T41-1. TB, 30” (77cm), M-L. S. and style-arms light violet (RHS 88D); F. strong purple (83C); beards dark blue; slight sweet fragrance. ‘Thunder Mountain’ X ‘Honky Tonk Blues’.

SUMMER ROMANCE (Alison Nicoll, R. 2014) Sdlg. A08T15-3. TB, 27.5” (70cm), M-L. S. blue-white; style-arms white, some blue on centre line; F. light purple (RHS 80D) with wash and streaking of vivid purple, darker streaking on haft; beards yellow; slight spicy fragrance. ‘Indian Ceramics’ X A05T14-2: (‘Pastel Print’ X ‘Doctor Wil’).


TAILORMADE TEKAPO   (Michael Midgley, R. 2014) SPEC-X (sibtosa), 41” (105cm), M. S. dark violet-blue (RHS 93A), short; style-arms dark violet-blue; F. same as standards, gold veining on haft and deeper velvety patch below. Parentage unknown.

TIMELY TRYST (Alison Nicoll, R. 2014) Sdlg. K0313AKK-6. TB, 34” (87cm), M. S. light yellow-pink (RHS 19B); style-arms pink, blue centre; F. light purple (75A) in centre, very pale purple (75C) towards edges; beards tangerine in throat, dusted red in middle, light purple ends, hairs based white, tips tangerine and purple; pronounced sweet fragrance. Keppel 0313A: (‘Restless Heart’ x ‘Dance Recital’) X ‘Above the Clouds’.

TORNADO TWIST (G. E. Simmons, R. 2014) Sdlg 13-14. TB, 32-38” (81-96cm), M-L. S. lilac veined wine, buff edge; F. grey-purple (RHS N186), slightly lighter on edges; beards mustard. ‘Gypsy Lord’ X ‘Catwalk’.

TREASURE FOREVER (G. E. Simmons, R. 2014) TB, 30-35” (76-89cm), M. S. purple (RHS N77C); style-arms tangerine; F. violet, tangerine, orange stripes in hafts, edges purple; beards tangerine; frilled. ‘Miami Beach’ X ‘Louisa’s Song’.

WEST COAST RUSH (Alison Nicoll, R. 2014) Sdlg. A08T40-1. TB, 29: (74cm), M. S. brilliant gold; style-arms gold; F. brilliant gold; beards golden orange; pronounced sweet fragrance. ‘Picasso Moon’ X ‘Gold Country’.

WHITE OUT (David Nicoll, R. 2014) Sdlg. D07T48-2. TB, 35.5” (90cm), E-M. S. and style-arms white; F. white with a faint trace of cream; beards red-orange, substantial flounces; slight spicy fragrance. ‘Tectonic’ X ‘Mesmerizer’.

ZIPIDEE (Alison Nicoll, R. 2014). Sdlg. S10MTB4-1. MTB, 21.5” (55cm), M-L. S. brilliant yellow (RHS 20A); style-arms yellow; F. yellow ground with dark red veins on upper 2/3, remainder dark red (183A); breads yellow. ‘Siren’ X A07MTB3: (‘That’s Red’ x D04T14-4: (‘Visual Art’s x ‘Lady Madonna’)).