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Invitation to the Trial Gardens

It is time to think about entering an iris (maximum of three per annum) in the Trial Gardens.  Please send one good-sized bearded rhizome or a clump of non-bearded iris to the appropriate garden accompanied by a completed Entry form, photograph and $7.00 entry fee.  Please state whether your entry is New Zealand-bred or grown from Imported seed. Irises will not be planted unless these requirements are met.

Current Trial Gardens and dates to send (please see Bulletin for addresses):
TBs - Directors: Gwenda Harris & Graham Menary, January-February
Medians - Director: Clare Patton, January-February
Louisianas - Director: Stephanie Boot, April-May
Pacific Coast - Director: Mary Barrell, July-August
Siberians, Cal-Sibs, Sibtosas - Director: Dora Moffitt, March-April
Spurias - Director: Mervyn & Lyn Stockley, April-May

If you have a Japanese you would like to trial, please advise and we will find you a Trial Garden.

Entries will be trialled for 5 years, unless they fail earlier.  Trial process:
Year 1 – establishment
Year 2 – first judging for NZIS HC (Highly Commended)for entries gaining 60 points or more. Those earning less than 50 points will be destroyed and the breeder advised, 50-59 points once registered, will be sold for NZIS funds.
Year 3 – second judging for NZIS HM (Honourable Mention) – 70 points.  These irises will then be divided and one rhizome/clump will be replanted. The rest once registered will be sold.
Year 4 – establishment
Year 5 -  final judging for NZIS AM (Award of Merit) – 75 points. These rhizomes/clumps will be sent to the Test Garden  Co-ordinator for distribution to the three Dykes Test Gardens or the three Jean Stevens Test gardens if they were grown from Imported Seed.  The remainder will be sold.

All entries will become the property of the NZIS.  The breeder will retain naming rights and the bulk of the plant.

Irises that win the Begg Shield, the Carl Teschner Award or the Lucy Delaney Award must be registered and sent (whole plant) to the appropriate Trial Garden for two years – one year to establish and a second year for final judging.