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Group Locations

Interested in Irises – Contact a group near you

Please use the interactive map below to find an Iris group near you. You can use the + and – buttons to zoom in.

Click the drawing pin to find out more information relating to the group in that area, including how often they meet, the contact person and in some cases the schedule.

To view more information about a group in your area find their individual page from the main navigation menu.

Mid-North Group

Meets 3rd Monday of every month.

Contact Kate Hurley

Ph: 09 431 5338

Em: Send Email

Auckland Group

Meets 4th Sunday of every month.

Contact Dianne De Blois

Ph: 09 838 6492

Em: Send Email

Waikato Group

Meets 1st Wednesday of every month.

Contact Mary Barrell

Ph: 07 827 0620

Em: Send Email

Bay of Plenty Group

Meets last Sunday of each month.

Contact Christina Braybrook

Ph: 07 543 1128

Em: Send Email

Facebook page: click here

Gisborne Group

Meets 3rd Monday of each month.

Contact Wendy Davies

Ph: 06 862 5860

Em: Send Email

Hawkes Bay Group

Contact Joy Kennerley

Ph: 06 877 4723

More Info: click here

North Taranaki Group

Meets 4th Tuesday of each month.

Contact Mrs Nyla Chubb

Rangitikei Group

Meets middle of each month.

Contact Graeme Flyger

Ph: 06 357 3424

Em: Send Email

Wairarapa Group

Meets 3rd Monday of each month.

Contact Louise Kjestrupi

Ph: 06 372 2839

Em: Send Email

Wellington Group

Meets 3rd Sunday of each month.

Contact Margaret Kuper

Nelson Group

Meets last Tuesday of each month.

Contact Wendy Sowerby

Ph: 03 526 7771

Em: Send Email

Christchurch Group

Contact Mika Brown

Ph: 03 960 9490

Em: Send Email

South Canterbury Group

Meets 2nd Monday of each month
(except in Winter)

Contact Lynda Crossen

Ph: 03 686 4813

Em: Send Email

More Info: click here

Central Otago Group

Spontaneous meetings.

Contact Cathy Robertson

Ph: 03 449 3223

Em: Send Email

Otago Group

Meets 2nd Saturday of each month.

Contact Robert Fisk

Ph: 03 552 3825

Em: Send Email

Southland Group

Spontaneous meetings.

Contact Bev Lapham

Ph: 03 248 6373